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Interested in Pattern Testing for
Ladies Nap Supply? Spots still available!

Find here more detailed information about the pattern testing program.


I would LOVE to have you!

Pattern Pipeline (last updated June 2021):

1 pattern ready for testing mid-June 2021

1 pattern ready for testing end-June 2021

1 pattern ready for testing end-July 2021

How does Pattern Testing with Ladies Nap Supply Work?

1.) Sign up to be a pattern tester by sending me an email ( or DM me via Instagram. I’ll add you to the list!

2.) When I have a pattern ready for testing, I’ll email everyone on the pattern tester list with a description of the pattern and a photo of my sample. Interested testers can then email me back confirming their interest in testing that pattern. You don’t have to test every pattern I put together!

3.) I will send a pdf of the pattern along with tester instructions and prompts for providing feedback. We will stay in the loop on testing progress across the group via regular email check ins.

4.) When the pattern is released, you’re invited to share what you’ve sewn and your testing experience on social media - but this isn’t a fixed requirement.

5.) Testers will receive a complimentary copy of the finished pattern once released!

And since I’m just beginning to introduce my quilt designs and patterns to the sewing community - here’s more about my design and process philosophy:

Ladies Nap Supply prides herself on creating easy to follow patterns for small-pieced, stash-friendly quilt designs that evoke the density and intricacy of nature’s shape and color. To nurture the creative process, LNS patterns suggest a color and fabric planning method, a good practices checklist and ample space for note-making to ease transition between sewing sessions.

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