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An illuminated what? A few questions, briefly answered ...

Why oh why is a quilter writing a hand drawn blog?

  1. Anyone interested in quilts and quilt history has had the opportunity to bemoan how often we know so little about how a quilt came to be, where the pattern came from, who the maker was, etc. I humbly submit the concept of "maker's illuminated journal" to help remedy this going forward. If we all more frequently jotted "making" notes of our own, what a treasure trove of information future generations may be elated to have.

  2. An illuminated journal* has always been on my bucket list. I've kept a journal off and on, the margin to margin of dense text sort and only daydreamed about adding verve to my pages with drawings. I finally stepped into the ring after taking a little painting course that gave me permission to draw first in black ink and paint in later, allowing me to shed my mushy watercolors of prior attempts. I LOVE to draw and paint because they bring me closest to what's going on RIGHT NOW and I enjoy being tethered this way to the present moment.

  3. Speaking of which, quilters spend gobs of time making their quilts, which means these quilts keep us company on many a life turn before they're even finished and I think it's wonderful to honor that companionship as it happens.

  4. *Illuminated journal is a term that comes from Hannah Hinchman, whose book I came across this winter while merrily strolling along a search for other people who draw + journal at the same time. Sara Midda's South of France has been a part of my bookshelf since I don't know when and is the primary source of my very much wanting to add color and line to my writing. The stack I've drawn here is endlessly referenced for inspiration.

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