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In which I launch and then .... immediately PIVOT!

Such a quiet blog, you might be saying to yourself. Indeed, no sooner had I launched than I realized this vision of an illuminated maker's journal is out of reach for me right this moment. A little someone is toddling around more and faster than ever and so I need all things I do to be achievable in short spurts from any place I find myself.

So, for now:

  1. A modified Maker's Journal will live on my Instagram account (@ladies_nap_supply).

  2. This blog will be the place I share a short monthly essay on the creative process and fiber arts.

  3. A newsletter on similar topics will land in subscriber inboxes once a month.

  4. Keep your eyes peeled for a trio of quilt pattern launches for digital download over the course of the summer!

Thanks for being here!


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